Language Study Tours

Growing young global citizens

Part of the stated Mission of Emmanuel College is to empower students to serve and act with compassion and justice as members of a global community. 

Students need to know how to be successful in an interconnected global society. Being in a small regional centre that has such a strong Anglo-Irish heritage it is so important to give students every opportunity to become more ‘worldly’ and to become familiar with other cultures and ways of life. The students who are at school now are going to have multiple career paths within a global economy and we need to make sure they are as well prepared as any other student in any other school in any other part of the world. 

But how does a school educate regional-living young people to be good global citizens? 

Emmanuel College offers a multi-faceted approach to educating students to be citizens of the world. 
Throughout their time at Emmanuel College, students are offered opportunities to learn as global citizens through: 
  • the academic program, 
  • the religious education program 
  • Young Vinnies 
  • Languages 
  • Overseas Language Study Tours 
  • World Challenge 
  • Alternative Schoolies Program 
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award   

Language Study Tours

Emmanuel College students begin language studies in Year 7, learning both Japanese and French.
From Year 8 onwards, students may opt to continue with one or both languages. Other languages may be chosen and studied via correspondence.

Each year, students are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture through opting for a Language Study Tour. These tours alternate between Japan and France. During the tour students will both travel as a group and experience a homestay with a local family. Students soon gain confidence through being immersed in a language and culture. Language is key to a global mindset.

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