Recognising the agricultural foundation of our region

Emmanuel College recognises the importance of Agriculture to our region and our local economy. Agriculture is an area that offers many varied career paths and employment opportunities. Within our local region Emmanuel College is unique in offering the facilities of an Agriculture Skills Centre that enables students to study Agriculture from Year 8 through to Year 12 and to achieve a nationally accredited qualification while still at school. 

Year 8 

Animal Husbandry  SC053
Year 8 Science Elective 
This unit introduces students to some fundamental animal husbandry concepts. They learn about factors that can influence the growth of livestock, including nutrition, disease and shelter. A major practical component involves rearing calves or lambs from one week to twelve weeks of age.  Students: research various animals and the latest animal welfare regulations, complete a financial analysis of the calf or lamb rearing programs and attend a field trip to a farm. Assessment is based on practical investigations and experiments along with research assignments.  


Year 9

Health and Care of Animals SC063  Year 9 Science Elective This unit introduces students to the various anatomical and physiological features that animals share in common and that differ between introduced species on the land. It also addresses health, diet and selective breeding programs in the enhancement of traits. Students participate in showing of animals for breeding purposes and prizes, travelling to local agricultural shows and the Melbourne Show. The unit covers information related to cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and chickens. Assessment is based on practical investigations and experiments along with research assignments.   

Year 10

Agriculture and Horticulture SC068
Year 10 Science Elective 

This unit introduces students to the many challenges facing primary production in rural areas along with Occupational Health and Safety Standards in relation to handling tools, chemicals and equipment Students are involved in propagation techniques with an emphasis on the importance of hygiene, pest and disease control.  The impact of past and present farming practices on the environment are investigated, along with the inputs, processes and output of a farm system. Students will: research, implement and maintain an enterprise, complete an evaluation report on their enterprise and research past/present and future farming practises. Field trips take students to local milk factories and farms.


Students can complete AHC10 Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management Training Package – a nationally recognised qualification. Emmanuel College is a Registered Training Organisation - a provider and assessor of nationally recognised training. Information on this course is provided on the website of  the VCAA- The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.