Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity at Emmanuel - Individual Learning Pathways

Emmanuel recognises that all students can learn, and encourages them to extend themselves in all areas of school life. If a student achieves success, they are more likely to be fully active members of our community and be self-fulfilled.

At Emmanuel, nearly 20% of our students receive additional support in their learning. The role of Learning Diversity is to address the needs of those students requiring more support to achieve success and also to provide opportunities for those who excel academically.

Strategies in place for those who need support include a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Any student who is recognised as requiring additional support has a PLP

The Personal Learning Plan:

Outlines the difficulties that the student faces in the classroom

Provides strategies that may assist the student to access the curriculum on an equal basis

Outlines suitable adjustments and modifications that may assist the student to achieve success

Includes a semester goal for each subject, written by the teacher in consultation with the student

Includes the strategies the teacher will implement to assist the student to achieve the goal

Provides the basis for discussion between the parents / guardians and the individual teachers at the Parent Teacher Student (P/T/S) Conferences each semester

All the student’s teachers have access to the PLP. The student’s parents / guardians also have access to the PLP.

Learning Support Officer (LSO)

○ Every class has at least 5 students who are on a PLP

○ Every PLP student has access to a Learning Support Officer (LSO) several lessons each week

○ The LSOs deliberately ‘work the entire classroom’ so students with disabilities do not feel targeted

○ LSOs also assist students with locker and organisation management (particularly students in Year 7)

Adjusted and Modified Programmes

○ Teachers will adjust and modify individual programmes if required, to enable the hard-working student to achieve success. These occur within the classroom. Students are not generally withdrawn from the class for intensive coaching

○ Adjustments are those alterations that are required to enable the student to achieve the same outcomes as their peers

○ Some of our students cannot achieve the same outcomes as their peers and their work and assessment is modified accordingly

○ From Year 8, elective classes running intensive modified programmes are put in place for Literacy and Numeracy

Access to Wellbeing

○ The Wellbeing and Learning Support areas of the school work closely together in order to assist all our students

○ Students who have wellbeing issues may find they struggle with their academic work

○ Students who struggle with their academic work may find it difficult to manage emotionally

Student Support Meetings

○ Parents / guardians may need to meet more regularly with teachers at school than at the P/T/S Conferences

○ Appointments can be made with the Learning Diversity Leader by parents / guardians at any time

Strategies in place for students identified as Gifted and Talented:

● All students identified as gifted or talented are on a PLP

● These PLPs are developed by the Teaching and Learning team leaders in consultation with the students

● Students are invited to consider the many opportunities offered by Emmanuel College for extending their abilities as well as linking students to mentors and additional programs