Catholic Ethos

As a school we celebrate our Catholic identity, which is the cornerstone of the Emmanuel community. Religious Education is an integral part of the overall curriculum at Emmanuel College and vital to the life of the school community. The Religious Education policy is developed in light of the Mission and Vision Statements of the College. The program aims to provide the students with an awareness, experience and knowledge of the religious dimension of life. Our emphasis is the Catholic tradition as we assist students in their development as religious and spiritual people.

“I had a Catholic education right from the start and you do learn important values and a view of the world that includes empathy and understanding. We learned how we could help people who are less fortunate than ourselves but not in a missionary way where we view ourselves as saviours to go out and rescue people. We learned in a way where there is a two-way communication and a two-way learning - that we should go out into our community and make a contribution that is equal to our capabilities. I am grateful for the education I had at Emmanuel. The things I learned at a Catholic school, in Religious Education and in Masses and about personal reflection - I have taken with me into adulthood…RE was great. It was not so much about teaching students what was in the Bible, or about Catholicism or being a good church person, it was far broader. It was about looking at other religions and looking at faith – your own personal faith.”

Inala (Cooper) Dodson
Past student

Emmanuel College commits to:

  • Ensuring that students know the central place of God in their lives.
  • Helping students to understand and value what it means to be a Catholic Christian.
  • Continue developing in students a sense of justice and reconciliation with those people and groups who are marginalised.
  • Creating opportunities for students and teachers to put into practice what is learnt in Religious Education classes.
  • Encouraging students to understand and participate in their local parishes’ life and mission.
  • Exploring the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures so that students experience their revealed truths.
  • Presenting current ethical issues and discussing them with students in order to engage in values education.
  • Emmanuel College students are encouraged to think for themselves and to be challenged to express what they believe.

Mr John O'Sullivan

Religious Education & Faith Development