Get Involved

All Alumni of Emmanuel College and its predecessors, St Ann's College and St Joseph's CBC, are encouraged to reconnect with their classmates and the College by getting involved.   Here are just some of the ways our Alumni are and can be involved:


Reconnect at Events

Each year, a number of Class Reunions are organised and celebrated.  While most groups wait for the big milestones to celebrate, some class groups  organise catch ups every five years, and some are even meeting annually!  If you're interested in organising an Alumni event, like a reunion, get in touch!  We can assist you with a lot of the organising, such as venue, class lists, event set-up, college banners, and school tours.  Have a look at Reunions and Events to learn about some of the events that have been, and those coming up!


Share the News

With over 10,000 Alumni reaching right around the globe there is always one of us doing something interesting or achieving something to be inspired by.  You can learn about what some of your classmates are up to via the Alumni Facebook page or the Alumni magazine, the College Connection.  View the digital edition of the College Connection right here or update your contact details to receive your own copy in the mail.  Make sure you are sharing your own news too!  Let us know, what you've been up to, we'd love to hear from you.


Explore our Archive

As a College, we have great respect for our history and traditions, and as such we place great importance on preserving that history and finding ways to keep our traditions alive.  Our archive is one way to store our collective memories and document our identity. Preserving our memorabilia also informs the current and future generations of how school life has evolved and to remember those who have come before us. We have great plans for our archive in 2017 in order to make it more accessible to our Alumni, so watch this space for how you can be involved!


Take a Tour

The College has experienced tremendous growth and change over it's 140 plus year history, but some things still stay the same.  Tours are a great way for class groups to kick start their reunion activities, and it's always great fun to listen to them distinguish the 'old' from the 'new', or the 'was' to the 'now'.  Contact us to discuss your options to book a tour to walk through the recently refurbished St Ann's Chapel, the handball courts, your common room and our fantastic new Emmanuel Centre.


Join the Alumni Association

To further unite our expansive group of Alumni, we are working towards the creation of a formal Alumni Association.  We are currently holding preliminary discussions with groups of Alumni to determine how an Emmanuel College Alumni Association might look and what their key goals might be.  If your interested in being involved, please contact the Alumni Coordinator as below.


To get involved in any way, please direct your enquiries to:

Candice Hampstead
Alumni Coordinator

Phone 03 5560 0845