Am I an Alumni?

Alumni means past student.   

If you attended St Ann’s College, St Joseph’s CBC, or Emmanuel College for any part of your schooling, you are a part of the Emmanuel College Alumni.  There is no minimum number of years that you need to have attended the College for, and you needn't have completed Year 12 (or equivalent).  You just need to have attended the school at some point in your education.   If you are interested in reconnecting with school friends, helping to preserve our history or being an inspiration to the next generation of Emmanuel College students – get in touch!  We’d love to hear from you, or share some news with you on what other fellow Alumni are working on and achieving.  Update your contact details with us here.


How to determine your Class of Year  

Your 'Class of' year is the year the group of students you went to school with graduated.  Depending on which era you attended school, this could have been called your Year 12 VCE, HSC, or Matriculation year.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the year you finished school.  For example, if you left school in Year 10 to do an apprenticeship, and you left in 1986, you would be a part of the Class of 1988.  As 1988 was the year the group you attended school with finished their HSC. 


What’s the difference between an Alumni & an Inspiring Alumni? 

The Inspiring Alumni is a group of Alumni who have been recognised by Emmanuel College for their work, achievements and demonstration of the Catholic ethos which inspires the current generation of students at the College.  A group of Alumni are inducted as Inspiring Alumni every other year at our Evening of Inspiration, and nominations for the honour can be submitted at any time.  If you would like to make a nomination please contact us at the College.